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How It Works

Compensation is a top consideration for candidates when deciding whether or not to take a job, and a common reason people leave their jobs. Monster PayRight lets you quickly compare your compensation information to other companies hiring for the same job, in the same industry, and/or the same location.

Choose your location and/or industry

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Find the job you're hiring for in our database

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Immediately compare what the market pays for the same job

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Make Smarter Compensation Decisions

Gain market insight

Access over 5,000 benchmarked jobs in 156 industries across the U.S. and Canada.

Easily determine pay ranges

View total compensation market data points like base salary or hourly wages, bonus, long term incentives, and more.

Be a better negotiator

Knowing what your market pays, prepares you for compensation discussions with candidates and employees.

Attract and retain talent

Comparing your jobs to other companies can help you develop stronger compensation strategies, to attract and keep great people.

Use our job descriptions

Use our library of over 5,000 detailed job descriptions, to help you develop your own.

Trust the data

Our data is 100% employer-reported, updated monthly, and reviewed by Certified Compensation Professionals.

"Monster continues the company's long-standing legacy of helping leading organizations attract and hire the very best people with Monster PayRight. It's an innovative solution that uses cutting-edge technology to foster stronger, data-driven strategies for talent acquisition and employee retention. Monster PayRight gives recruiters and their colleagues a leg up against competition in the war for talent."

- Bill Coleman, COO & Co-Founder, PayFactors

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